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making myself Crazy!

My hubby & I miscarried in our 7th week back in January. I am now 5w2d & the last few days I have seen dark, old looking spotting... small amounts (pantyliner lasting full day, no prob) but I find myself struggling not to obsess over it. I'm not cramping or any other worrisome problems.
I also can't help feeling that this pregnancy is much quieter than my first, my boobs are nowhere as swollen & not particularly sore. Other than a few random boughts of nausea I can't really say that morning sickness is an issue. 
In fact, if it weren't for the missed period, posative test & exaustion I would have no idea I'm pregnant. 
I do have an appointment in a few days to go get bloodwork done & just check that the hormones are where they need to be. I'm just scared...
We want this baby so badly...

Re: making myself Crazy!

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    Don't stress!! I had a miscarriage in February, and am now almost 9 weeks. I have virtually zero symptoms of pregnancy, and my hormone levels are the lowest my doctor has ever seen with a viable fetus, but here we are. Baby is healthy so far and doing well. Try not to worry unless you have spotting along with cramping! I know it's hard, but the extra stress won't change the outcome. Take a deep breath and embrace how blessed you truly are! I hope your appointment goes well! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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    Thank you! I'm really trying to focus on how lucky we are. I keep telling myself to breathe in love & breathe out the worry. Congrats to you too!
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  • Thanks so much! We just have to stay positive and focus on the good happening in our life! 
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    Hang in there! I had spotting with my rainbow baby, and randomly lost symptoms in weeks 6-9 which scared the crap out of me. But then they came back full force and the spotting stopped. Glad you'll get some peace of mind with the blood work soon. 
  • Try not to stress too much!  We're very close in that today, I'm at 5 weeks and 3 days.  For me, I once had very light pink discharge when I went to pee (sorry tmi) and I've been having intermittent cramps (mostly on my left side) and mid-backache.  At my first prenatal appointment this past Tuesday, the nurse (and doctor) told me that backache was common and due to hormones and body changes.  In terms of my pink discharge, they were not too worried about it because my cramps were not unbearable and I was not experiencing heavy bleeding.  They think it was irritation due to being intimate with my DH (sorry for the tmi again).  I had blood work done on Tuesday and then they called me back in on Wednesday.  I was freaking out thinking things were not going well.  It ended up that my HCG and progesterone levels were good.  They also did an US to make sure I wasn't having an ectopic pregnancy.  We were able to see a gestational and yolk sac which is what they like to see at 5 weeks.  After the transvaginal US, I saw some of that link pink spotting again and was told to not worry about it.  --I still worry about experiencing another loss it but I'm trying my best to keep optimistic.

    In terms of symptoms, mine aren't as bad as my first pregnancy that resulted in a loss.  My boobs are also a little sore, but not swollen and I don't have strong morning sickness symptoms --although my symptoms last time didn't start until I was 6 weeks pregnant.

    -- I've going through and am still experiencing the same fear and anxiety.  I think suffering through a previous loss does that to you.  Try to think of some happy thoughts!   My doctor said the only concern would be if there were  unbearable cramps and heavy bleeding (~1 pad/hour).  I hope your appointment goes well and that your doctor can help alleviate some of your fears!  Sending warm thoughts your way!
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  • I know it's so hard, but try not to worry. (TW) I had a miscarriage at around 8 weeks in early August and became pregnant with my dd in early September.  I was a worried mess for most of my first and second trimester and looking back, I wish I had tried to relax and enjoy it a bit more- but I know it's so hard. I already find myself worrying with this pregnancy. 

    In terms of symptoms, I had very few also. I wasn't sick, my breasts weeent sore, etc. and I had a healthy baby girl at the end. I also had some spotting early on and my doc said that was totally normal. Hang in there! Think positive thoughts! 
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  • I wanted to stop back in & thank you all for your support. My little rainbow didn't stick. After some bloodwork I have been diagnosed with a mthfr gene mutation. The short version is that i can't break down folic acid & the most common symptom in women is repeated pregnancy loss. 
    All of your kind words & posative stories helped me enjoy my rainbow for the time we were togther & for that I can't thank you all enough. 
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