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Scheduled to be induced tomorrow.. wondering how inductions have gone for those who have been induced already or how anyone who is still waiting is feeling? I was so hoping she would decide to come on her own but it seems like she's staying put.

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  • How are they planning on inducing you (foley bulb, cervical ripeners, pitocin, water breaking)?

    Some people have posted their birth stories with induction in them in the birth announcement thread, so you might check over there too.

    With DS, I was induced due to symptoms of pre-e and concerns about baby's size since I had a previous injury to my pelvis/hip. They did 3 rounds of the cervical ripener with no results, and were actually getting ready to send me home when my water broke on its own. Labored for 5-6 hours and only dilated to a 2, so they started me on pitocin. A lot of people say that the contractions are worse with the pitocin, but I felt the opposite - the contractions that started after my water broke were awful and gradually became more bearable. After 8 hours of active labor and pitocin I was only to a 3, and they realized that his head wasn't descending. I was exhausted so  got the epidural in hopes that it would help me relax. After a few more hours with no more progress, they brought in an US machine and found that his head was lodged sideways in my pelvis (which wasn't flexing at all due to my previous injury), which was why I wasn't dilating, so I wound up with an emergency c-section. I know that my induction story is not typical, haha. Hope yours goes smoothly!
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    I was induced with my first, but after my water broke on its own.. the day after my water broke I wasn't progressing on my own so they started me on pitocin.. it was still slow to progress.. had to wait for an anesthesiologist bc it was a holiday and the one working was in a surgery.. finally started progressing after the epidural... Pushed for 5 hours.. the baby ended up in distress and wasn't coming down so they figured she was hung up.. end with an emergency C-section. (Csection went really smooth and I healed really quickly)
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  • How are they planning on inducing you (foley bulb, cervical ripeners, pitocin, water breaking)?

    So according to the doctor I was already 4-5 cm and softened at my appointment on Monday at exactly 41 weeks so she thinks it should go smoothly with just a small amount of pitocin so that's what I'm hoping! 

    Thabks for sharing! At this point I'm just excited to meet my little girl and want her to get here safely!
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