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Post Partum Pain

I will be 4 weeks post partum tomorrow and after having a vaginal delivery with some tearing I am still having a lot of pain, pressure and significant bruising on my buttocks and right between the "cheeks". My other lady bits are actually feeling a lot better but am confused about where all my discomfort and bruising is now. Anyone else experience this?

Re: Post Partum Pain

  • I'm only a week and a half post pardum but I'm definitely still in pain. Also had stitches and they're internal as opposed to my external stitches last time. So I was told it would be easier and less painful but I must say no they hurt. I'm still having to ice the area and take medicine every day. I definitely didn't have that last time. Now I must say I'm chasing a toddler this time so I'm assuming that's why. But ow! I'm still hurting every day. 
  • Ouch! I had my own experience with my 2nd child. I had vaginal delivery, then my stiches melted. :(
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