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7 Months Photos

Wow, 7 months already.  How time flies.

Re: 7 Months Photos

  • He already enjoys a good read! 

    That book is textured with fabrics and what not on the illustrations so he can feel the images :)
  • Girl does not sit still anymore. She kept pulling herself up, pulling herself to the arm of the chair, and ended up knocking over Daddy's drink. 
  • brzvicebrzvice
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    @Ladybug2821 Wow look at S go!
    Sadly, I had to retire our Lion chair because V is leaning/trying to stand up in it but I have to say it was by far my best purchase ever. I used that thing every day for months. shout out to @ball4768 for the tip on the chair - miss you girl!
    @AllyTheKid  What a big boy holding his own book just chillaxing on the boppy!

    It is so fun seeing our babies hit these milestones and take off together. 
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  • @ladybug2821 Johnny recently started doing it too, he caught us off guard, pulled himself up by his walker, and I guess the dingaling forgot he still has jelly legs and let go, so he toppled over on his big ol' melon before we could get to him to catch him.

    @brzvice He is no stranger to leisure... When he's done being a maniac, he just kicks back like that anywhere, especially his bath tub haha He was born pool-ready ;)
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