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Baby's 1st Birthday and Older sibling anniversary?

Hi, so my daughter was an only child for 6 years until my son was born. I always thought to honor her at his birthday with a big sister anniversary cake, or something like that as she's much older (she'll be 7) and he wont remember this, but she will. We are having family and friends over for his 1st and the party is for him, however, i'm thinking to do something to congratulate her on 1st year of being a big sister? B/c of the large age gap, and she understands, etc....anyone else doing this or have ideas for this thought? Thanks!

Re: Baby's 1st Birthday and Older sibling anniversary?

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  • I don't think that's what a birthday is about... are you going to give your son a cake on her birthday to congratulate him?? If you want to congratulate her how about a high five?
    tisunge602nanner26No more Miss!
  • Omg you guys are killing me 
    the_other_motherrunsoncoffeeNo more Miss!
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