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Statistics scaring me

DH & I have been talking about going for #3. We are blessed with two beautiful children already. I got pregnant with my daughter at 33, had her at 34. Then got pregnant with my son at 36, had him 37. Both times of trying, (used ovulation strips) I got pregnant the first month (I was shocked both times). In between I have been on the nuvaring for 10+years, back on it now.
We thought we were done but both are getting the itch to try for one more to expand our family. Neither of us are ready yet, my son is barely 9months old so I am still kinda in the "baby fog". We talked about trying in about a year. If it happens- wonderful, if it doesn't then we wouldn't take it beyond anything natural. My husband is 3yrs younger then me. He asked me what would be my "cut off" age for personally wanting another, going through pregnancy (I had fairly difficult pregnancies with both- I am diabetic). I think no older then 40 with actually giving birth. 
Now, I've been researching alot about being pregnant/giving birth at 40 and it's scaring me. A part of thinks, should I not put my baby at risk? Should I not put my body at risk? Am I just freaking out too much and researching too much? 
How does everything take the statistics into account with their emotions?
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Re: Statistics scaring me

  • step away from the google :)  it doesn't do any good worrying about that stuff.  People are pregnant and give birth all the time in their late 30s and early 40s and nothing bad happens.
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    I agree with @vlagrl29, step away from the google ( I have to learn to do the same ) 
    yes, risks do go up a small percentage as you get older however the overall risk percentage is still really low - you have a better chance of having a perfectly healthy baby than not.... :smile:
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