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International travel in first trimester

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Do you have any tips for international travel during your first trimester?  I have to go to Europe and India in two weeks for work. I know the standards (don't drink the water, don't eat street food, etc) but what else?  Have you had to take malaria meds while pregnant- if so which ones (already contacted dr about it). My boss is traveling with me and doesn't know that I'm pregnant yet so I'm still trying to hide it too.

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  • *lurker* Have you read up on the CDC and travel.state.gov websites to read up? You can also just ask your doctor, that's what they're there for! Don't be afraid to ask if something is ok for you and baby. :)
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    I would definitely ask your doctor about the anti-malaria meds...I would for sure not go to a malaria zone while pregnant if I could help it.  if it meant telling my boss I was pregnant earlier than originally planned, so be it.  You should be fine in most of Europe, but I'd agree to check the CDC website, call your primary care physician to ask what, if any, meds and shots you should get before traveling to those places, and then run those suggestions past your OBGYN before getting anything done.  I'd also make sure you're not traveling to a Zika zone (I have no idea if there is active Zika in India, but I believe Europe is clean). 
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  • I agree with ask your doctor, and maybe even try to find a doctor who's well versed in pregnancy and travel (like through your state infectious disease or travel offices). And I'd specifically ask whether you need/can get any updated vaccines before you go.
  • You should be fine in Europe.  In India, as you mentioned I would be careful about the water and what you eat but as long as you are in a city and staying in a reasonable hotel you should be fine.

    As far as Zika goes, it looks like there's a small outbreak there but unless you are going to the province in which it's located I wouldn't worry about it.  (That would be like saying you wouldn't go to Washington, DC because there's a Zika outbreak in Miami.)
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