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So hopefully I'm not repeating a post but what are everyone's thoughts on bringing your little one to the beach / pool this summer? I'm still waiting for her to make her arrival but we have a pool and our families love the beach. DD1 is also a huge beach fan. I'm thinking we will still be taking frequent beach trips but going later in the afternoon (after 2/3 pm). Of course we will have her in the shade the whole time since she will be too little for sun screen. 

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  • I'm looking forward to beach trips this summer. I'm a Cali girl! 
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  • Carters is having a sale on swimwear. I don't know about getting her wet with chlorinated water--I'll have to research that. Plan to bring her to the beach in the shade though. 
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  • We don't do chlorinated pools until 6 months. We won't have an opportunity to go to the beach this summer but I worry about infants overheating.

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  • I plan on taking DS both to the beach and pool. He won't like the water but he'll be between 3 and 6mos so we'll mostly relax in a chair or blanket under an umbrella.

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  • My little one will be about 5mths when we go to the beach this summer.  We might try the pool then too.
  • We started swim lessons at 8 weeks and plan on doing the same with this baby. And we are going to the beach in July and plan on long sleeve suit and hat. It'll be fun! 
  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one who plans on bringing their little one out this summer! I definitely plan to do long sleeve suits, afternoon trips, and stay under the umbrella but I can't imagine not going all summer!
  • DS started swim classes at 6 weeks and this LO will as well, so I wouldn't worry about the chlorine.

    We are going to the beach with this one is 4 months old. The ped said to still use sunscreen but that it won't be as effective as a long-sleeved swimsuit and a hat. The biggest thing she wanted us to watch out for was the baby overheating, so we will have a couple of shade umbrellas with us also while we are at the beach and just making sure that we're only out in the sun in moderation.
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