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Has anyone else's LO developed freckles? Just this morning Davey has a little brown spot on his nose that I've never seen before. It doesn't wipe off and isn't raised at all, but it seems early for freckles! Now I'm worried he's getting too much sun exposure although given that it's only just gotten sunny and he *almost* always wears hats outside that seems improbable. We have his 15-month appointment this afternoon so I'll ask about it, but I wondered if any of you had seen freckles pop up too. 

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  • Cute! My LO has had a freckle on her leg for months now. She's been bundled up for the winter and definitely hasn't gotten sun at all on her leg, so it's not sun related. :) I have a bunch of freckles so I'm not surprised she's getting them. 
  • We have one freckle! It is a little above the "privates" and is identical to mine. But that's probably not what you're talking about
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    My little guy was born with a little freckle type mole on his leg that's still there. We had his 15 month visit today and The pediatrician said it "looks good and he will most likely get some more as he gets older" . She didn't make it seem like it was unusual for them to get freckles/moles. But def something to ask about to make sure it's not abnormal :) 
  • Yep my girl has one on her leg and another on her tummy that have been there for a good while. The one on her belly I think will turn into a mole because it's pretty dark.
  • Well I asked the pediatrician yesterday and he said he couldn't tell if it was a freckle or a little scrape-- but if it goes away it was a scrape. Ha. He was not at all worried about it as a reflection of sun exposure if it is a freckle though, so that made me feel better. @krrpe99 I don't expect that yours would be from sun exposure either ;) 
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