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Anyone else waiting for their cycle?


Re: Anyone else waiting for their cycle?

  • @silvergreen @Mack2342 - My OB sucks honestly. It's the reason I'm getting ready to set up a new patient appointment at a new office. She has been the worst and most useless resource when it comes to what to expect. :( She basically just said "it could take a while" when asked about when my period should return. Her standard answer for everything is "well everyone is different".

    It's been 5 weeks today since my hCG was back to 0 and still no period. Although I will say, today I have been having some cramps, and so I'm praying that means I'm getting ready to start finally.
  • @toesinthesand-2 I would certainly switch if you feel you aren't getting the answers you need. Glad you're taking charge of it.

    HPT is still testing + and Monday will mark 4 weeks since my procedure. I read that the whole cycle thing won't start until hCG actually hits zero. If that's true I doubt I'll be getting mine in that 4-6 week mark. :/

    My spotting the other day was only that one time so I think it was an incredibly minor post-intercourse bleed. I know that hCG is decreasing as my initial tests last week were much, much darker, so I'm not concerned about retained tissue. Just frustrating not knowing when everything is going to right itself. :|
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  • I hope your cycles return soon ladies!  It is so frustrating.  @toesinthesand-2 I would switch OBs if I weren't happy too.  That makes this situation worse. 
  • Well I can finally do a happy dance! No soon did I submit my last post I went to the bathroom and AF had started. I felt like with these cramps I would be getting ready to start, and for the first time ever I was happy to see it.
  • 40momma40momma member
    yay @toesinthesand-2 welcome AF!  :p
    Still waiting over here, but only 3 weeks since I first started to bleed so I'm guessing it will still be a while yet. That being said, I leave for vacation in 1 week from today so maybe if I'm lucky/unlucky it will start then, murphy's law...
  • @Mack2342- It totally does. It really sucks because I've been a patient at this office for years. I always saw a PA for my yearly visit, but once we started having trouble she had to refer us to an OB in the office. Of course as luck would have it out of 3 OB's in the office she's the only one left (one moved, and one is out with an injury). I live in a super small area with limited options, so it looks like I'll be moving to an office about 30 minutes away.

    @silvergreen @40momma - Thank you!
  • @toesinthesand-2. That sucks but glad AF arrived. Its amazing how you never what it to come before but after MC that's all you want.  
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