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Lots of spitting up?!

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My daughter is just short of 8 months old.

She has spit up since birth but it seems the last couple of weeks have been MUCH worse.

I am going through my entire bib collection 30+ bibs / day.

She has two teeth coming in.

Could teething be the cause of all of this?!


Re: Lots of spitting up?!

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    Allergies? Is it a new kind of food / formula or brand? Have you tried eliminating foods and sticking to one thing for a few days? I would try that. Have her eat the same thing for 4 days before trying something new. If that doesn't help, call the pediatrician. Could be reflux?
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    Ditto to what @rock1cherry said. Also as long as she seems to be gaining weight and having good wet diapers I wouldn't freak out about it but definitely something to keep an eye on and talk to pediatrician about.
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