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2nd Trimester

Crossed ankle ultrasound guess

who's lo had ankles crossed during ultrasounds? My first 2 never did my last two did. During our scan with our 3rd at 17ish weeks the cord was also there but we saw a penis. With my 4th scan at same gestation we only saw 3 lines no cord in the way and tech gave us a 90% guess. She was very kind to let us come back next week. 

So those who have had a scan with crossed ankles did they give you a guess? Did you get a picture proof? Our tech didn't print that shot.

thanks for you help!

Re: Crossed ankle ultrasound guess

  • Our ankles weren't necessarily crossed but our LO had curled himself into such a tight ball that the only good shot the tech got of him was his butt and "proof of gender" (we already knew it was a boy from an earlier test but it was still nice to be told "it's definitely a boy"). All pictures of his head look like an alien because his hands were in the way or he had turned his head. Meanwhile DH is having a field day showing off the "proof it's a boy" picture.
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