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Daily Schedule

Just curious what your routine is looking like these days. I know we all have different goings on - some breastfeeding, some supplementing with formula, some on 2nd or 3rd baby so also caring for other children... just putting it out there to see how everyone is doing and what schedule (if any at this point!) you are working towards. 

Re: Daily Schedule

  • Our schedule isn't too strict.

    Up at 7am
    Cat naps while we are out in the am
    Long nap around 1pm
    Bed at 8pm
    Nurses once or twice overnight and every 2 or 3 hours in the day.
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    Very very broad strokes schedule here. I honestly won't be attempting to find an actual (edit-SLEEP) schedule till probably 4mo.when they can consolidate sleep more.

    up at 7, nurse/dress/down for nap
    eats every 2hrs (sleep whenever I can get her to)  
    Night sleep 7pm-9(ish) dream feed
    9-1, 1-4, 4-7 sleep chunks 
  • We are just starting to find a groove at 3 weeks, but I'm sure it will change soon, haha. And I haven't left the house with him alone yet except for walks. Below is all approximates. 

    Up at 7- feed
    eats every 3 hrs (I've had to supplement with formula)
    tummy time/baby masssge here and there
    sponge bath every other day before bedtime feed (circumsicion still healing so no immersion yet)
    read a very short story if not too sleepy or fussy
    Sleep in bassinet 10p-4a, 5-7a

    Ive been going to bed at 9p then wake up for the day when he gets up around 4a for his feeding. So I'm getting normal sleep. And DH works from home so he stays up and does his night feed then stays in bed late in the morning. If we can keep this up it would be amazing because it allows us both to get long uninterrupted sleeps. But I'm betting this is temporary. And we are lucky that LO is sleeping 5hr chunks. The one upside to bottle feeding is that DH can help more and he stays full longer. 
  • DD is one month old. We're up around 7:30am. Then she usually eats and chills then goes back to sleep. It's generally 1-1.5 hours of awake time including the feed and then a nap. She's eating every 2.5-3ish hours. We've been going to bed around 10/10:30 and she's up around 2/2:30 and maybe 4:30/5 to eat.

    Id love to eventually get that bedtime earlier as I approach going back to work, but not sure how to. I've got about 4/5 weeks to figure it out.
  • Up for the day between six and seven. Usually awake for an hour and a half and then takes a short nap before his next bottle. The rest of the day is eating every two to three hours. Sometimes he goes to sleep pretty quick after a bottle, sometimes he's awake for awhile. Gets his last bottle between seven and eight during brother's bedtime, and then sleeps in his crib for a couple hours before ending up in our room for the night. Hopefully this keeps up... He starts daycare in two weeks.
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