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  • danij0 said:
    I would like to confess that I have signed up for 4 registries to get all the completion discounts and free swag. I only have two actual registries set up and public, but I feel like I'm cheating the system and needed to get that off my chest. I'm sure I'm not the only one. 
    Also throw any other free stuff hacks my way :)
    Yep, I have private registries just for free stuff and completion coupons. I also lie about my EDD to get my coupons earlier.
    I changed my amazon registry EDD to use the completion coupon when my stroller was on sale. 
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  • Maybe this is a confession on its own...we all drink whole raw milk. I'm slightly lactose intolerant so the majority of my milk needs to come from a raw source. It tastes better I think and dd loves going to the farm to pick it up. She always thanks the cows. 
    I'm really not worried about it being raw. Both dh and I come from dairy farmers (our grandparents)and all the babies in the family were healthy and there were a lot of babies and pregnancies back then! 
    She was only on breastmilk until 2 1/2 though. 
    I've been drinking raw milk too! There's no way I'm buying our kids 2% no matter what a pediatrician says. Healthy fats (like what you get from milk) in general are not bad for you. I don't care what supposed "research" says. 

    And my confession: I cried yesterday when I looked in the mirror, and saw I was getting stretch marks on the underside of my belly. 
    Yes! Yes! So agree! I remember when I was very early pregnant with dd I craved avocados like crazy. I ate 1 a day. My mom told me to watch out I was going to get so fat. Nope, turns out that is when brain development happens and my girl needed her good fats!! Same thing happened this time too. Throw some good fat on the stretch marks too! Coconut oil :) 
    in all seriousness, sorry your getting stretch marks, I have them so bad too. Just remember they fade eventually. 
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  • My midwife told me to eat as much avocado as I want bc of healthy fats and its the only fruit that has protein. Shes pretty restrictive otherwise (cows milk of any variety is a hard no for her). Give me all the guac.

  • Mmm I buy those individual wholly guacamole packs and eat them for lunch.  My kids love them too.  Now I want Mexican for dinner!

    Ive been using organic coconut oil on my belly this pregnancy and I feel like after it soaks in it doesn't help with the itch at all.  I already have stretch marks from my first two kiddos so a few more doesn't bother me.  I'll still totally rock a bikini once I'm back in shape (not this summer). I really thought coconut oil was going to be a miracle worker and I feel like it hasn't lived up to its hype on the moisturizing front. 
  • @JessyKV DH (and me when it's not winter and I'm not pregnant) use coconut oil as our facial moisturizer, but I don't find it moisturizing enough for anywhere else! Have you tried almond oil at all? It is my favorite body moisturizer.
  • I'm not at all impressed by Serena Williams winning a GS while pregnant. 
  • I'm not at all impressed by Serena Williams winning a GS while pregnant. 
    Bahaha this is hilarious and I wish I could post that Not Impressed gif! Damn you, Bump App and your constant glitches!!

    Super impressed fan girl over here. 9 weeks pregnant was when I was pretty sure I was probably dying of a rare tropical disease, before a helpful friend told me to take a pregnancy test. 
  • I'm not at all impressed by Serena Williams winning a GS while pregnant. 


    I mean, maybe if it was her first one instead of the 23rd... :grin:
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  • We love the wholly guacamoles! We get them from costco and we all eat them like crazy! good snacks and we put them on almost every dinner too. So good! 
  • I'm so glad so many of you still give your kids whole milk- we somehow got on that topic with my friends a few days ago and they were all really surprised.  High fives all around you guys are awesome.
  • @ladylolly89 I have not tried almond oil! Thanks for the recommendation!! 
  • I was using coconut oil at first but it felt like it sat on top of my skin and did not absorb. And the dryness made me itch like crazy. Now I use palmers head to toe and layer honest belly balm on my tummy and boobs. I don't have issues with dry skin or itch anymore
  • My afternoon snack consisted of marshmallows and chocolate.
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