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Genetic testing

I have an appointment scheduled for genetic screening for abnormalities. What are your general thoughts about the procedure and results? 

Re: Genetic testing

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    edited April 2017
    Hi there. This board is a ghost town (maybe try the IF or Pregnant after IF or other ones), but I saw your post and wanted to reply. Do you mean blood tests to screen for genetic diseases, before or after getting pregnant? Or embryo genetic testing before implantation?
    For the blood tests, it is standard procedure for all that do fertility treatments. It looks for known genetic diseases that can be passed on, as well as for hepatitis, etc. Both of the partners need to take it. 
    If you are already pregnant and you mean the blood test for genetic issues of the fetus, then I'd say go for it (it's the only thing I'm going to do). It has good accuracy and non-invasive. 
  • Thank you for your response. Take care. 
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