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Maternity Photographer/Photoshoot in PHX

Does anyone have any suggestions on anyone really good who doesn't charge insane prices?  I'm finding a lot of photographers who quote reasonable-enough sessions fees but then have exorbitant minimum purchase requirements and/or who then want to charge you well over $1000 for the files.


P.S. I'm due with a girl on July 28th if anyone wants to make friends!  This is our first child.

Re: Maternity Photographer/Photoshoot in PHX

  • Me and a friend of mine do our photos for really reasonable prices. She's in Chandler and I'm in Glendale but I won't be starting back up until roughly September. 
    You can see her work on Facebook -
    You'll be looking at a 3 hour slot for your Newborn and I believe she's priced about $250 for a ton of digital images, edited. (Maybe less $) 
    Hope this helps! ❤
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