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anyone still having them? I made the mistake of reading some article that said they should be gone by this time (39+ weeks) and something about their presence indicating a potential problem with the cord? Anyone else still feeling hiccups a few times a day (or more)? Am I just being crazy?!

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  • I wouldn't worry about it. Everything I've read says it's totally normal. Granted I gave birth before 39 weeks but she had them right up to the end (38+5). 
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  • I'm 40wks and my little guy still gets hiccups. 
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  • She had hiccups all the way through... and even now that shes a week old, gets them at least once a day. I would say no big deal.
  • My baby still has occasional hiccups. I had a scan yesterday and everything was perfect, including her cord.  :)
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