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Since baby Kate was born I've been using a nipple sheild. We have been to the lactation consultants and she is gaining weight well and seems like my supply is very good. I've been trying to wean her off of it as apparently it cannot be used long term. Is this true? My thoughts are, I've got good supply, she doesn't get frustrated to latch with the sheild and I find that my otherwise flat nipples are able to feed her! When we try to latch otherwise, at times she gets on it and others she gets so frustrated and discouraged. I'm trying to foster a positive BF experience. Anyone else had experience with one ? Did you use long term? Why or why not? How did you wean your lo off of it etc!

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    @MsTurney I used nipple shields in the beginning because LO had a poor latch...we were also supplementing with bottled pumped breast milk. At our 2 week visit after good weight gain was established the pedi suggested I start trying to wean the shield. During feeds I would start with the shield and then half way through I would take it away. If she fussed or got upset after a couple minutes I would go back to the shield. I just kept offering it to her without the shield and slowly she started latching on her own. One day she literally took her hand and ripped the shield off my boob and we never went back...she was totally off it by her 1 month visit.
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    Kate is 5 weeks and I've been trying to get her off it. She seems smart and like knows when I try to do the old switcharoo @Spartanrd4 was their reason that you were also supplementing ?? Kate has been gaining a lot of weight and has gone from 5lbs to 8 5oz in 5 weeks. I'm nervous about my supply now
  • @msturney tbh, i don't think it's a big deal if you keep using them (if you want to). I've been using them since LO was born and he's 5.5 weeks now. He WILL nurse without them, but at a much slower rate. A friend of mine used them for 4 months and had no problem. I realize that's just one anecdotal story, and not evidenced based. But the way I look at it is, if the baby is healthy, and it's helping, and both you and the baby are happy to keep using them, why not? Obviously they're kind of a pain of nursing in public because it's one more thing to deal with, but that's honestly the only downside I see. 
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    I used a nipple shield since birth of my LO and she's now 6 weeks. When she was about 4weeks she took her hand and pushed off the shield and latched on.  We've never gone back.  It is still a struggle because I have flat nipples but if I'm calm,  she picks up on that and we try till she latches.  I would say if feeding without is just not working,  continue using the shield. As long as baby is gaining weight and getting breast milk,  who freaking cares how it's delivered to her mouth.! If you do want to try without,  do it when baby is calm and you're calm as well.  Don't get frustrated. You'll both figure it out.  Good luck! 
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  • @MsTurney I only supplemented in the beginning because of her poor latch, even in the hospital she wouldn't do the shield very well and she had jaundice also. Once the jaundice was improving, she was gaining weight back and doing ok with shield we stopped supplementing. I agree about being calm and if she is frustrated just stop, if you try to force it she still resist more. She will get it eventually!
  • Thank you all for your comments and experiences. I agree that if it's working why change it ?!? Interesting enough, this morning latched without it! I still used throughout the night as she was getting frustrated. I think my plan is to try without and put it on if she is having a hard time. Eventually maybe we can totally rid of them but for now I just want to keep her happy and fed 
  • I have had to use a nipple shield with both DD and with this baby. With Cate I used the shield with no supply issues, and we used it for about 6 months before being able to wean her off it. With Asher, he is starting to be able to nurse without it some (he's 6 weeks), mostly during the day when he is very alert, or right after I pump. If he is tired he won't latch on with out it, and if he starts to fall asleep he has trouble staying latched on without it.
  • I've been using a shield with my son since birth (8 weeks).  I also have a good supply and he's gaining weight. I want to wean him, and I've tried every trick it seems, but we just can't get there. Sometimes I can get him to latch, if he is calm and not too hungry. It's a bummer that my anatomy is just not working to feed him without the shield (I have flat nipples).  My doctor said he might be able to pull out the nipple when he's a bit stronger. Fingers crossed! 
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