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Sleeping Arrangements

Just found out we are having twins (we have a one year old too). Should we do twins in the same bedroom or separate ones? We have enough bedrooms for everyone and my husband and I disagree. Moms of twins what did you choose and why?

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  • We have 16 month old twins and have a 3 bedroom home. We chose to put them in the same room to keep a spare bedroom/home office for ourselves and to make it easier to grab them or put them down together. They sleep through the others cries for the most part. They grew next to each other so I love that we have them growing up next to each other as well. They have a lot of fun at bedtime messing with each other over their cribs and tossing blankets and stuffed animals back and forth.
    It has worked out really well for us and we have no plans to change the arrangement anytime soon. 
  • My triplets share a room (partly necessity as we have 3 rooms and older sister has the other) 
    even if we did have another, I would keep them sleeping together and playing in another. They sleep through cries- it's not been an issue.
    I received advice to separate beds and toys as when you transition to toddler beds- they will play together instead of sleep. 

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    We are having TRIPLETS!

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  • Thanks this is helpful! My biggest fear is that they wake each other up.
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