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Biting when weaning

I've started properly weaning my daughter this week, I've stopped pumping at work and haven't fed her from 7am to 7pm for the past few days, still feeding her to sleep and when she wakes at night, which I'm planning on cutting out next, trying to do so gradually. Since then my dd has developed this charming habit of biting when feeding her for bedtime, to add to the cherry on top of the hell that is weaning. Its not teething, I can tell that she's doing it with intent, I'm not sure if it's the age (she's starting to throw tantrums and rebel against authority sometimes) or because the milk is full. I wind up trying to strernly say no , when she persists I drop her in the crib for a few min while she screams and leave the room then come back while repeating no bite in a stern tone.

Is this normal, happened/happening to others, and any tips how to cope , sny weaning tips would be great as well

Re: Biting when weaning

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    Same happened to me, but not during weaning. I dropped him in his crib and let him scream for a few minutes. It took a few times, but he got the idea. Now we have the lovely habit of slapping my glasses off my face when he's nursing. We are down to 2 a day, and let me tell you, I can't wait to be done!

    As for cutting out night feeds, we literally just did this in the past few days. I sent DH in every time LO woke up. After the first night when he had to go in and calm him down 3 times, DH has only had to go in once in 3 days. Usually LO settles himself back down within 5 minutes. We set a time (5 minutes) before DH would go in to settle him and it worked like a champ! Good luck!

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    I'm finished weaning, but mine used to bit occasionally.  Usually I would yelp really loudly (not always intentionally) and pull him off.  It always startled him and he would start crying, but after he calmed down it would be a while before he did it again.  I don't think he was trying to hurt me
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