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Long story ahead  We recently switched our kids (age 2.5 and 5) to a new preschool. Our 5 year old had attended the old school since age 2.5 and the school has always had a problem with teacher/director turnover. This has always been a concern but I stuck it out because the PreK teacher was AMAZING and our 5 year old will start Kindergarten in the fall. Well, suddenly, the school decided to let the PreK teacher go, first they said she quit then they said they let her go due to attendance issues. This has left parents confused and frustrated. The school is already short staffed, with subs coming and going, schedule and structure for the kids changes every day, etc. Most of the parents have decided to pull the kids out of the school to attend at home daycare with the Prek teacher who was "let go". This option is too unreliable for us and we aren't fully comfortable, so I went right away to tour a preschool that is actually closer and we know a couple of the teachers there! (one used to work at the old preschool and actually was our son's first teacher!) The school has great structure and the teacher's have been there a long time, you can tell they are a good team. I'm SO broken hearted because my son really had a special little bond with his old school friends and now that is no more. All of them were pulled out of the old school and now will go to their old teacher's at home daycare. I'm sad for our son and am just nervous I'm traumatizing him with this transition. I do plan to get him together with his old buddies for play dates until they are reunited in Kindergarten! Our daughter is 2.5 so I know she will be fine in the long run. Any advice to get us through this chance and help me with my guilt!

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  • I personally believe you are doing the right thing by following what is in your heart. It is imperative you have a peace with your decisions. I know that sometimes our options for these kinds of things aren't always the best, but it seems you are making the best of the situation and have some level of discernment you are relying on. Your child will encounter many changes as he grows up and matures and this is just a bump in the road. Once he senses your enthusiasm and support, he will feel secure and encouraged to proceed in this new direction. 

    Get rid of the guilt, it will hurt you more than help you. Parenting requires a lot of decision making and you have to work with what you have. God always has a bigger picture in mind and I trust you will all grow from this situation. Life is just that way. We learn as we go and rely on God to show us the path to take. Don't be afraid. You have each other and there will be many more decisions you will need to make as your children get older. Staying grounded in what matters the most (your family relationships) will carry you through. Blessings to you moma. 
  • Thank you so much.  I am heartbroken over it all, but you are right this is just the first of many changes/challenges I will face with my children and decisions I will have to make.  I appreciate your kind and encouraging words.  Their first day at the new school was yesterday and my son, whom I was most worried about since he's older, had a great day! He didn't want to leave.  This morning I dropped him off and no tears or clinginess, just happy to be there.  Everything happens for a reason I believe. 
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  • It seems to me that changing schools can be hard for a child. Even changing colleges at a more mature age can be stressful.
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