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Saying no to Pumping- follow up 4/18

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**follow up to original post below**

We met with a lactation consultant today. Looks like baby is tongue tied. We just left the hospital where he had the small procedure to snip it. Hopefully this will help with his latch. Apparently what I thought was a good latch really wasn't after being evaluated today. Also,  I'm not producing enough milk since baby is still losing weight. I will be borrowing a hospital grade pump and I will start pumping on a schedule to help with my supply. In the meantime, I will continue to supplement with formula to keep baby healthy. I was told that baby should be fed no matter what and I need to focus on that rather than worrying so much about exclusively breastfeeding. She explained that I will get there one day. That being said, she also told me to stop comparing myself to other moms and that I'm doing a great job. I needed this. 


Any breastfeeding moms who are not pumping?

My Lo is 6 days old and has been latching like a champ. I'm finding that this whole pumping routine is very stressful for me, mainly because I'm not being consistent. I'll be staying home with LO for the next 9 months and I'm really not in a hurry to start a milk stash. Any moms who can offer any advice? I will be seeing a lactation consultant on Tuesday, but I'd love to hear from any of you ladies out there. I'd like to add that I was not successful with my first son since he never latched and I never produced enough milk. I have high hopes for #2.
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Re: Saying no to Pumping- follow up 4/18

  • Hi, just a question , were you told to pump? Usually (just from my one experience) you aren't supposed to pump until your milk supply is established, unless there is another reason like you need to produce more milk or something.  If you weren't told to pump, maybe wait till you talk or meet with the Lactation consultant. That's great you'll be home for 9 months with baby! Also great that your LO has a good latch!! I have a friend who has a 1 month old and he was tongue tied at birth and they did the procedure , yet to find out that he needs to get the procedure again! Super frustrating . 
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  • I'm also wondering why you're pumping if your LO is only 6 days old and BF'ing is going well. My LC wants me to wait until 5 weeks to start pumping (I'm going back to work at 9 weeks). I'm curious to hear what your LC says. 
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  • Hi ladies! Yes I was told to pump. I was given this advice at the hospital from a LC. I guess is a supply thing? I'm not sure. I do have an appointment tomorrow with a lactation consultant at my regular clinic. I'll bring this up again see what she says.  The pumping during the day is manageable since my husband is with me. It is the middle of the night that really gets to me. I've been told by experienced moms that are friends of mine that encourage me to pump to get a good supply in for storage. Plus I can see how much I'm producing and what baby is taking in. I'm not sure if this is necessarily true. I'll follow up with all you guys after my appointment. 
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  • The lactation consultant I saw said that stashing milk is not really recommended anymore. Since your body produces what your baby needs (certain antibodies) at this moment, you don't want to be giving them older milk since it was for a different time (although it doesn't hurt). She said to pump for the next day. So only pumping a day ahead of what you give your baby. 

    I am breasfeeding only and will continue to do so until I return to work in August. I will probably start pumping a week or so before I return to work to get the hang of it. 
  • @MWoodside good to know! I'm a FTM so I have no idea what I'm doing. Glad to hear that worked for you ... hoping it will for me as well. 
  • @beemaya83 I don't think that how much you pump is an indication of how much baby gets. From what I have heard, most babies are more efficient than the pump. 

    I am not sure what type of pumping routine you are trying to establish, but if you plan to nurse for now and not introduce bottles yet, I would think pumping once or twice a day (if that) would be sufficient. You can build a small stash over time, but not worry about oversupply as much.
  • Even pumping 1-2 times a day this early can result in oversupply. Because your body thinks it's necessary to make that milk. 

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