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Appointments - Easter week

Re: Appointments - Easter week

  • I have an appt on Wednesday (38+4). Was hoping no I wouldn't make it that far, but it's looking like I will...
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  • NST and OB tmrw at 41+1 and induction scheduled for Wednesday at 41+3 
  • I have my ob appointment and bpp on Tuesday. I have a feeling they're going to schedule my induction then too. Eek! So close. 

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  • NST tomorrow. 39 week appt on Wednesday and another NST Friday. Hoping to find out whether my midwife will let me go past term or induce at 40 weeks. Hopefully she will let me go past term or my husband and I are gonna try all the old wives tales! I really really want to avoid being induced. 
  • Just came back from my 39 week appt, cervix lowered a little bit and I'm at 2cm. When my ob did the check and told me 2cm, she continued to jam her fingers up in there and I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain and pressure. I asked afterwards if it was normal for this check to be significantly more painful from last weeks check, she said it was because she was stimulating my cervix.  I'm not sure what that means, but she said to definitely expect cramping and spotting.  I totally believe her since I had instant pain and spotting when she was done, ouch! :(

    Now I just have my growth scan on Wednesday and after that it's back to twiddling my thumbs and waiting. :)
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