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Saturday Ticker Change 4/15

How far along are you?

How big is baby? 

Team Blue, Pink, Green? And name(s)? 

Appointments this week? 


What have you done to prepare for baby this week? 


GTKY: What are your plans for Easter?

Me: 29 DH: 33
Married: 5/30/2013
DSS #1: 5/25/2007
DSS #2: 1/22/2011
DS #3: 7/8/2012
BFP: 3/14/2016 ~ MC: 3/19/2016
DS #4: 4/21/17

Re: Saturday Ticker Change 4/15

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  • LimieLimie member
    How far along are you? 1 week old!, (on Saturday.  She's 8 days today) 

    How big is baby? 
    she was 7 lbs 13 Oz at the Dr this past Tuesday

    Team Blue, Pink, Green? And name(s)? my sweet Maggie. 

    Appointments this week? nope.

    Symptoms? lack of sleep.  Occasionally smells like spit up or bad bo because hello crazy hormones! I also have random crying sessions. 

    What have you done to prepare for baby this week? I'm currently working on trying to pump every 2 hours to get her some mommies milk since breastfeeding just isn't working and I'm not going to stress about it.  

    Rants/Raves/Questions: rants...I feel like the reject cow at the dairy farm.  No matter how much I pump I only ever get at the most 2 Oz.  Most of the time though it's under 1 Oz.  Aaand the batteries in my pump just died and I'm at my parents and left the cord at home.  

    GTKY: What are your plans for Easter? hanging out at my patents today with the kids waiting on daddy to get off work.  Happy Easter everyone! 

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