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Revealing the news

I absolutely love stories about how women shared the good news with their dh and with their parents/in laws. Do you have a cute story? Share it here
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Re: Revealing the news

  • Hey mom and dad, are you ready to be grandparents?

    Just showed DH the positive test.

    Nothing fancy. Though we are not ones to make a big deal out of things.
  • I absolutely love stories about how women shared the good news with their dh and with their parents/in laws. Do you have a cute story? Share it here

    I called my DH in to the bathroom when I had the results of the HPT. We bought a onsie to give as a gift to his parents and a baby bib to mine. That was it.
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  • I had a shirt for DS to wear that said "promoted to big brother". I put in on DS and waited. DH actually noticed pretty quickly. He cried. 
  • we have been dealing with IF for 2.5 years and did a FET (frozen embryo transfer) this month.  The day before my beta test I POAS and in disbelief called DH into the bathroom by yelling "holy sh!t there are 2 lines, babe get in here, holy sh!t"
    We're having both sets of parents (well his parents and my mom and step dad) over for dinner for Mothers Day weekend on the 12th (DH is a restaurant manger and works both Sat and Sun so its the only time we'll both see them to celebrate.  My dad passed away from cancer 2 years ago, he made a GORGEOUS swinging bassinette when my step sister had her first kids and I have it now, we will have it all set up in our spare room (which God willing will be cleaned out by the 12th), with a onesie and a sign that says "Coming January 2018". 

    This is all dependent on how my last beta test goes on Monday, we more than doubled from test 1 to test 2, so I'm feeling hopeful.  If something changes between now and then we'll have them over for dinner and it will just be dinner. 

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  • We are telling our parents next weekend. We bought each of them a onesie saying "coming Dec 2017" and a blanket that says "thank heaven for grandma" and giving them to our moms for Mothers Day
  • With our third child (after 4 1/2 years of trying) we had all the families over for my husband's 35th birthday. Our daughters gave him their gift bag with lots of small random gifts, the last one being a onesie with "I love daddy" on the front and a #3 on the back. Shocked everyone!
    With our 4th (only 9 months later), we took pictures of #3 wearing a "big brother" shirt. Handed out the pictures at a family gathering and waited for reactions! I always loving seeing who figures it out first! Don't know how we're going to do it for #5, but I can't wait! 
  • These are great stories! I actually surprised SO with a little tikes basketball with his last name and the year of edd...the gift was a congratulations on his team going to a tournament...he was confused at first but then very happy!

    Will surprise grandparent at a "Mother's Day" dinner with a PROMOTED t-shirt cause she likes t-shirts. Surprising my sibs and friends individually as well. I get a kick out of this! 

    I planned on doing that and this increased my motivation: https://youtu.be/rD2wA1pa6So
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