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Anyone else have a climber at home?  Every time I turn around Zack is climbing up the furniture.  If he's not tall enough, he'll push something over so he can use it as a step stool.  It's actually somewhat impressive.  Also frightening.
Any advice on keeping safe without constant tantrums every time I put him back on the floor?

Re: Climbers

  • I have a climber, and unless Birdie is in danger of serious injury, I warn her once, and then let her fall. Her big thing is that she likes to stand on the seat of her push toy, which, of course, has wheels. She's fallen off of it twice, but never with big injury. I have three stepsons so I tend to be on the relaxed side of things when it comes to potential injury. (I won't let them do something that could cause them real harm, but it doesn't hurt to let them learn a lesson or two the hard way.)

  • We have also learned a few lessons the hard way. Most especially not to sit backwards on the couch... honestly, risk management is a very important part of their development. As long as he isn't putting himself into danger of breaking a bone I just let him fall and comfort him when he does.
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  • I agree with PP. Normally I warn Keaton by saying your going to but yourself then just watch close by. If he's in danger I move him and tell him no. 
  • Brynlee is an impressive climber. The couch, the kitchen chairs, stairs, and she LOVES standing on the bottom rung of the baby gate... for the most part, I allow it. It all helps with problem solving and muscle development. There are times where I have to initiate meltdown by taking her down (usually from the couch because she jumps on the very edge and we have a brick hearth), but I only do so if she's in danger or hurting herself. For the stairs, we have them gated off, but the bathtub is upstairs along with the bedrooms, so we allow her to climb them for baths and bed (we follow close enough to hold the back of her shirt).
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