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2nd Trimester

Anyone else diagnosed with SPD?

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I was diagnosed with pelvic dysfunction at 10 weeks pregnant (now 14 weeks). I am on my feet for 9+ hours a day with no breaks at work. Chiropractor told me to take time off. I was off for nearly 3 weeks and felt like I was getting back to normal. Yesterday I worked a five hour shift (standing with no break) for the first time since being diagnosed, and this morning I can barely walk. Getting out of the shower sent searing pain all the way down my leg into my foot. I'm thinking I may have to quit my job, my boss isn't willing to work with me and provide a chair/stool to sit on. Anyone else have a similar diagnosis? Any tips, exercises, stretches, or tricks? Chiro has me doing a few stretches that help. But any tips that can help me to be able to stand for long periods without pain would be appreciated. 

Re: Anyone else diagnosed with SPD?

  • I'm sorry, I don't have similar experience to share, but I did want to recommend you look into the legal responsibility of your employer in this situation. Often, an employer is required to make "reasonable" accommodations for disability. (Pregnancy is considered disability.) I don't know your situation, but it might be worth a quick consult with a local lawyer. A simple letter sent to your boss with the facts might be all you need, without much drama.

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