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Success stories with super low hcg?

Hi all,  hope you don't mind me popping in from Secondary IF with a question. 

I had beta #1 today (9dp5dt).  It was, 15.  So technically pregnant since it's over 10,  but a super low number.  The nurse who called didn't sound optimistic.   Beta #2 isn't until Monday since my RE's office doesn't do beta results on the weekends. 

I'm trying to stay optimistic. Especially since no embryos made it to freezing. The next 4 days are going to seem agonizingly long. But looking for any success stories with those who also had super low first betas. 

Thanks in advance. 
2nd ectopic resulted in loss of tube. HSG revealed remaining tube is "severely torqued".
IVF #1: ER 03/29/10; ET 04/01/10: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 (9dp3dt)- 45; Beta #2 (11dp3dt)- 91= BFP 
FET#1: ET 04/18/12: transferred 4 embies; Beta #1: >2 = BFN
IVF #2: ER 06/20/12; ET 6/25/12: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 on 7/5/12= BFN 
8/16: hysteroscopy for uterine polyp removal
11/11: hysteroscopy #2 for yet another uterine polyp removal
FET#2: ET 12/15/12: transferred 3 embies; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 12/24/12: 426; Beta #2 (11dp5dt): 12/26/12: 845= BFP
u/s 1/9= triplets!; miscarried all three on 1/10/13...
IVF#3: ER 03/30/17; ET 4/4/17: transferred 1 grade 5AA embryo; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 4/13/17= 15; Beta #2: 4/17/17: BFN

Re: Success stories with super low hcg?

  • nmtaynmtay member
    Also popping over from TTTC board. I had the same thing happen last month and miscarried starting 9dp5dt. If you're not bleeding that's a good sign though! I actually tested 10dp5dt so I started bleeding the night before, and my hcg came back at like 21, then 2 days later it was 17...I just saw that you've probably already found out since it's been a while, but if you kept it congratulations! And if not you're not alone ❤
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