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20 Week U/S Issues?

I had my 20 week ultrasound on Monday and met with my OB today...  She mentioned that baby development looked good other then a small bladder.  Also mentioned that my amniotic fluid levels weren't as high as they should be.  
However, when she did measurements of my belly today... She said it was measuring large.  Also said baby was approx. 400 grams.

She has sent me for genetic screening blood work and I have another u/s booked for the end of May.  That's 6-7 weeks away however.  So of course I'm freaking out a bit because of something is seriously wrong that seems like a long time until they take another look.
Next OB appointment is in 4 weeks.  

Of course I can't stop thinking about the issues she mentioned, has anyone ever had a similar situation? Anyone have any tips on getting my amniotic fluids up? 


Re: 20 Week U/S Issues?

  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I had growth ultrasounds every 4 weeks during 2nd and 3rd tri, and during one of them I was told the amniotic fluid was too low. They had me come back a few days later for a repeat scan, and it was back within normal range. I was told there really isn't much you can do to affect how much fluid there is, it really just has to do with baby and their urine output. Try to relax, and if you're really uneasy about the u/s being so far away, maybe you can speak to your doctor and have it pushed up? Best of luck to you.
  • I know it's hard, but if there was a great concern they would schedule you sooner. They may want a bit more time to see how baby's bladder develops over a longer period of time, than sooner.  

    With my first they had major concern and I was in to see a specialist within 2 days.  Everything turned out fine with LO.

    If you are concerned, or have questions call the office and talk to a nurse.  They will be able to answer your questions or get the doctor to answer if they can't.  The nurses line wad very helpful during my pregnancy.  
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  • I'm surprised they ordered genetic testing with only the kidney and the fluid, usually there need to be at least 3 markers. They didn't mention anything else? Doing a level ll ultrasound? Stressing isn't going to help so I would call and insist you get to see a doc sooner, maybe they could at least shed some light on their concerns. My son has a genetic condition but I had polyhydramnios with him so no experience with the low fluid 
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