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Well hello near terrible two's. This last week my LO has started to throw major tantrums. Crying, red face, stomping, arching his back tantrums. I usually will talk to him about what's going on and then walk away and let him do his thing and then come back a few minutes later and comfort him. I know that they are testing boundaries and have a lot of emotions right now but it is exhausting. It also seems like he does it more for me and by DH than anyone else. Any advice or  commiserating is appreciated.

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  • I feel your pain... my daughter started those tantrums about 2 months ago and they are no fun! At home I usually walk away from her as she is kicking, screaming and rolling around on the floor and she stops after a few minutes when she realizes I'm not paying her any attention. I sometimes put her on the couch and tell her when she's done she can get up and that works pretty quickly sometimes.. she has done 2 while out in public and that was pretty embarrassing as everyone loves to get in your business and see what your about to do.. Hang in there mama, this too shall pass, eventually!
  • Isaac has been throwing tantrums since about 13 months lol. I just ignore him or try to distract.  When he gets out of control I'll sit him on our "naughty step".  Obviously at his age he doesn't really understand this but it removes him from the situation and allows him to calm down. 
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  • Yesssssss!! Happening all the time for us too.  And I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say he seems to throw more tantrums around you and your husband.  I swear anytime either set of grandparents watch him, they always say he was such a good boy with no issues! Our son is really physical, so he's always trying to do something new and if he can't figure it out, or is having trouble = immediate meltdown.  It seems like lately everything sets him off.  Today he was SO upset because he couldn't fit a BAGILLION items into his toy wagon to push around, so he frrrrrrreaks out.  I've been trying to ignore, redirect, etc, but we aren't having the best of luck with that.  I often say "I'm sorry your upset, I can't understand you right now..." it's iffy...sometimes takes a really long time for him to calm down.  He definitely has a pretty big temper, which is funny because I feel like neither my husband or I do at all.  I just ordered Janet Lansbury's book on dealing with toddler behavior last night...yeah Amazon Prime, should be here on Monday...heard good things about the book, fingers crossed!! 
  •  :# same here ..  Used to behave sooooo well now not so much... Fml 
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