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Symptoms Thread 4/12

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Forgot it was Wednesday! 

Mamas of inside babies, I know you're generally uncomfortable but what's bothering most this week? OR have you any good/positive symptoms? 
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Re: Symptoms Thread 4/12

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  • I had some pink spotting yesterday afternoon and lost a tiny bit of bloody mucus followed by a few irregular minor contractions.  It all went away within a few hours, but I'm glad that I finally had something going on down there.

    Had a few minor contractions this morning and a more intense contraction an hour later, but nothing since.  Come on baby!

    This is probably in my head, but she also seems to respond more to my voice which makes my heart melt  <3

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  • 2 weeks PP and I have had some crazy gum pain the last couple days. It hurts to eat!
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  • I had a constant cramp all night and didn't get any sleep because of it. It wasn't timetable or anything and it never intensified, it was just a 7 hour long period cramp  :s. I lost some small pieces of my mucus plug overnight when I woke up to pee.  Baby was super active all night and felt like she was constantly head butting my cervix.

    I just went back to finish my grocery shopping with DH since he came home early from work and I saw I lost a huge chunk of my mucus plug when we came home. It could be nothing, but holy crap I still feel like I have so much to do and am now scrambling to get it all done just in case things decide to pick up :open_mouth:
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  • I am 3cm dilated and 40% efaced and doc said she can feel my bag of water and says that I will have this little angel within this coming week. But as far as symptoms go, I have had no contractions/bh but I have had bloody mucus been coming out after my last cervix check so Im getting really excited....and nervous. 

    My water did break with my first born so Im hoping it happens again. 
  • I was having irregular contractions and back pain after my appointment yesterday (I was 2cm, I suspect the dr did a sweep, but I'm not 100% sure).  I felt intense pressure and cramping all night. I haven't been feeling too much of anything today other than the urge to nap all day, but I just lost a HUGE chunk of my plug with bloody show. I know this could very well be nothing, but I'm hoping it's a sign I'll go into labor soon :)
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