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I literally found out this morning. My period was not supposed to be due until Sunday. I almost wish I didn't test because now I am debating if I should tell him tonight or wait until after Sunday. Or even maybe after my first appointment on the 20th. I feel like I should tell him but I am conflicted.

Also, did you do something cute this time or just tell him in a simple way? I want to make it special because I feel like we deserve to be happy but I also don't want to "jinx" it.

What did you do?
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Re: Telling husband

  • Personally, after my loss I had him right there when I tested. I didn't want to be alone when I found out yes or no. But it's up to you! I couldn't go that long knowing without him personally. But regardless, nothing you do will jinx it. I promise. 
  • I did something cute to tell him with my first pregnancy (which ended in a mc). It had been a total surprise and his reaction is one of my favorite memories of our relationship. 

    With this pregnancy, we had been trying. He didn't know when I tested and I just kinda handed him the test later that night when we were checking in about our days. I felt like I couldn't put effort into it, in case it went wrong. And his reaction was muted by his anxieties. It probably wasn't until the 12wk ultrasound, when the baby started to look like a gummy bear and we were past our first loss point, that either of us got the excitement faces. Pgal brains stole that from us. 

    That said, I can't imagine not having told him right away. We needed each other to make it through those first anxious weeks. 
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  • I had all these cute ideas of how I'd tell DH....but I POAS the day before my beta and there were 2 lines....I couldn't believe it AT ALL (I tend to stay pessimistic in order to manage expectations for things like this) I was so shocked I yelled to DH "omg babe come in here, holy sh!t get in here"-- or something along those lines. He came running bc he thought something was wrong (apparently my excited shouting sounds very much like my "I'm hemorrhaging and dying immediately" shouting) when he got in there I shoved the stick I'd just peed on in his face (I'm 99% sure he'd never actually seen one of these in person before this day) and said OMG theres a line, to which he responded um Jules there are 2 lines....(again pretty sure he hadn't actually seen one of these before).  He finally realized what that meant and we got all squealy.

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