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HCG not doubling in 48hrs

My hcg was 98 (11dpo), 216 (14dpo)(80% increase in hcg) and 1518 (21dpo) (71% increase in hcg). I have read that hcg values below 1200 should double every 31-72hrs and between 1200-6000 should double every 72-96hrs. According to this information the numbers I have sound feasible. I had a scan 2 days ago, which would put me at 5w4d and we only saw the gestational sac. My gynaecologist did not seem concerned but I expected to see more. I will see him again on the 24th when I should be 7w4d. I have found another post on this site where the lady had almost identical hcg's as me and her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I have had 3 previous miscarriages and 1 live birth. With the healthy pregnancy the hcg more than doubled every 48hrs initially. I am concerned that this pregnancy will not end well. I am looking for success stories of people that were in a similar situation as I am in now.
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