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HCG slow rising, advice needed

Hello Everyone!

My this site has changed since I had my other babies. On Friday by some miracle I  found out I am pregnant (I have PCOS and Endo so getting pregnant is hard). Friday I went to my OB because I had some bleeding and the did a blood draw (bleeding stopped Saturday). Monday I went back for a repeat blood draw and my numbers aren't rising like they want so I am going back in this morning for a third draw. Friday I was 5w4d and my number was 3200, Monday at 6w it came back at 4400...Everything I have seen on the internet is leading me to believe that this will sadly end in a miscarriage. Any positive stories out there? Or even what to expect if this doesn't end up with a viable pregnancy?

Re: HCG slow rising, advice needed

  • I just wanted to say I wish you the best.  Endo is the worst, as I'm stage 4 (my doctor will be retiring in the near future and said in all his years practicing, I'm one of the worst cases he had seen), I can relate.  We are blessed with 1 child. I hope for a good outcome of your pregnancy. 
  • My HCG never doubled every 48 hours, but it did steadily rise. I'm now 18 weeks with a perfectly healthy baby. What has your doctor said? Unfortunately no one here can predict how this will end for you, but don't give up hope, especially if your doctor isn't worried yet. 

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