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it's super quiet around here lately.  should I keep this going here?


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    the daycare thread seems to have died in the wind but I wanted to resurrect the topic. For those moms looking for full time or part time care after their baby is born how are you vetting daycare/child care providers?

    I am not sure what to look for or what questions to ask any STMs with lessons learned?

  • Instead of questions, I'd go to the daycare directly and see how the kids and teachers are interacting, the cleanliness, whether the kids are mostly content and so forth. I think gut feel wins out since I feel like they give canned answers from giving tours so often.  I visited 6, and liked 3 and 1 was ok and 2 made me want to leave as soon as I walked in.

    For example I asked if I could stop in and nurse on lunch breaks and the answer I got was can't stay longer than 20 minutes if I wanted to do that since other parents might get paranoid. High turnover of staff. Huge red flag for me. Open concept day cares were absolute no gos. Some day cares rely heavily on screen time, and I'd check how many complaints were logged against them. Another was too​ rigid for my liking like making 12 month-2 year olds sit for an hour and just color each day. 

    Now we use mother's day out 2 times a week and I'm very satisfied with the program.
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  • Is anyone still here? Or have we all moved to the book? 

    Anywho...I'm being induced Wednesday morning but I was just curious if anyone had any "oh gosh I wish I would have done that before I had LO" I am deep cleaning our bedroom and washing our comforter one more time. Trying to deep clean the bathrooms and floors one more time as well. Just wasn't sure if anyone had anything else that was helpful/nice to come home to with it done. 
  • @Taylor72 clean sheets and all laundry done.  :)
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  • clean out the fridge.

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