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Getting baby to swallow pills?

Have any of you needed to give baby some pills they need to swallow?  We are moving to a country with malaria soon so the travel clinic gave us malaria prophylaxis that we will need to give our baby.  We don't need to start until a few weeks from now so not yet facing the issue but realized I forgot to ask the nurses for tips on giving a pill to a 15 month old...  Anyone had to give baby pills to swallow yet?  How did it go?

Re: Getting baby to swallow pills?

  • Is it crushable? I'd smash it in some chocolate syrup on a spoon. It'll be rich enough to mask a lot of the taste.
  • Doesn't look crushable...  Good idea though! 
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  • Maybe try putting in Apple sauce or pudding. If it gets in the middle of a glob, hopefully they just swallow it. We sprinkle LOs reflux meds on applesauce and she just swallows it no problem. Good luck!
  • Absolutely DO NOT attempt to give baby a pill! Holy crap I can't believe they expected that of you! They should have given you a compounded version of the medication in liquid or some other form! Do you have a pharmacy you can go to and see if you can get a different form? 
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  • @kvacmak I dont think it exists in any other form unfortunately...  
    @ekscopp your suggestion makes sense. Thanks
  • l4rkl4rk member
    We were in a rush the other morning and LO's mouth was full of food but she wasn't chewing. I tricked her into swallowing it by giving her some milk to drink. It worked a charm and her mouth was empty instantly! 
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