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Fearless Child

My son is 21 months right now. He's never been shy or had separation anxiety from me or his dad.  He could careless if we aren't in the room as long as he's occupied with something.  I know most parents would be glad to not have a toddler clinging to their legs or crying every moment they leave the room. But I'm concerned when we are out in public and he runs away thinking it's a game and talks to everyone he sees. He is fearless.  He will let anyone pick him up and walk away from us (they are always our friends, but he has never met them). Is it me not being stern enough with him? Does the caution or hesitancy come at some point? I don't want him to be scared his whole life, but I want him to pay aware...Does anyone else have issues with this? 

Re: Fearless Child

  • My toddler knows what it means with the phrase "don't talk to strangers" but I think it's normal for some toddlers to be fearless at times. Your child has a nice quality so just wait for the right time for him to develop his ability to acknowledge the fact that the world isn't a playground as he know it.
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