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Ive always used disposable diapers, and my 4th baby seems sensitive to them, or it could be the wipes. I've tried several different brands of both diapers and wipes, and am now thinking about cloth diapers and wipes. I've never used either before, so I'm starting at square one. I e been researching all of the brands, but I'm honestly overwhelmed and pretty clueless. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get started? My baby is 1 month old.

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  • It's a whole lot to take in when you are just starting to do your research. I have a HE top loading washer that pretty much stinks when it comes to diaper laundry so I decided to stick with flats with covers and pocket diapers for my husband and caregivers to use because it is less layers for the washer to have to get clean. (Something to consider before buying anything would be how your washer works) I got lots of information from GMD ( Karen posts lots of pictures and all kinds of information based on her own personal experience, which is nice. I wouldn't buy a bunch of any one single brand because what works for one baby will not work for another. I've read rave reviews of Bummis covers and had nothing but problems with them so I sold the one that I had after a month of getting frustrated with it and always having leaks. You can look at they have lots of reviews of different products for different sized and shaped kids. I did lots of reading and ended up ordering 1 of each type of cover from GMD, found that I love Thirsties and Blueberry so I sold off everything else to buy more of those. When I realized how much I liked Thirsties I found a bunch of used pocket diapers for a really good price and snatched them up, but I use my GMD flats to stuff our pocket diapers in addition to the inserts that came with the diapers that I bought. It's a whole lot of trial and error to find what works best for you, but once you figure out what you like and what fits your baby best, it is wonderful and worth every penny. If you have questions, there is a Green Mountain Diapers Friends Group on Facebook and they are all very helpful with questions as well. Good luck! 
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  • Thanks, guys! I appreciate the input! :blush:
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  • Since your baby is here already, not sure how much you need worry about newborn sizes... I think some thirsties duos size 1 and blueberry capri size 1 is a great place to start, plus do ypur research and pick your favourite prefold.  Fitteds can be pricey, but sustainablebabyish have a reputation for being bulletproof for overnights, along eith a wool cover.

    It is a lot to take in a first, for sure, but once you get started, you'll likely catch the bug and enjoy learung abput all the different styles/brands out there.  Plus you can even sew your own!  Skies the limit, and truly no one solution fits all. ;) 
  • i've been researching them forever since DH and i plan to cloth diaper after the newborn stage. everything i've read says the best way to get started is to get a couple of each type of each major brand (grovia, rumparooz, bumgenius etc) so you can see what you like best before committing whole-hog to one brand/type. cloth diapers can resell, too, so you won't necessarily lose that small initial investment (or you can keep them for backups)
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  • Hi,Have you tried the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive? They are hypoallergenic and stay looking great and blemish free. It can last up to 12 hours.
  • Hi,Have you tried the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive? They are hypoallergenic and stay looking great and blemish free. It can last up to 12 hours.
    Hi, welcome to the board! I noticed you've posted a bunch on older threads really recommending disposables. This is specifically the cloth diaper board where people are using and researching cloth. It's not really helpful to come into a thread where someone is specifically asking about using cloth and recommending disposables. Disposables are better discussed on the baby gear board or on a BMB (if you're currently pregnant) or in a thread where people are specifically asking about disposables. 
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