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Hello! How is everyone and their little toddlers doing?! 

It seems like this board is like a ghost town now...hoping to bring some life back into it again! 

Let's see...our son is now almost 19 months, and is one crazy little fella.  He is NON-STOP on the go.  He is constantly into anything AND everything.  Never takes two seconds to slow down.  And sure keeps me on my toes all day long!  He is definitely starting to experiment with his talking some more, which is fun, and so cute.  
How are everyone's naps going?  It still blows our minds that our son is SO active and on the go all day long, but still only naps for like 1.5 hours a day if we're lucky! Do you guys have fantastic nappers?! I read about these 3 hour naps people get...WHHHAAAT?! Don't think I've ever seen that!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and would love to hear some updates!!  :smile:

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    Asher keeps us on our toes too. He's so busy and observant so if you leave something unattended for even a split second, he's into it. 

    Little dude does take a 2-3 hour nap every day and sleeps all night, except for the past week when he wakes up at 3 am and I just bring him to bed with me. But some of mine didn't nap like that. My #1 and #3 gave up naps before they were two. Ahhh!! 
  • I think most people communicate via Facebook now...
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  • As a non-facebooker I still hop on TB a couple times a week to see how everyone's S15 babes are doing, so thanks for bringing some life to it, OP!

    My little guy will be 19 months on the 30th and is such a busy little explorer and he's not scared of anything! I swear he's been nonstop since he was born, always wiggling and moving as an infant straight to running and climbing into toddlerhood. It's amazing how quickly they grow and how fast the time goes. He is a decent napper now(it wasn't always this way!!), we've been consistently seeing 2.5-3 hour naps but still get 1.5hr naps on occasion. He's a little chatty thing, too, but this week it seems to have taken off even more! They are so much fun, and definitely keep us in our toes, don't they?! Loving every second ❤️
  • @momofsweetps, haha, I know exactly what you mean about turning your head for a second and they're into something they shouldn't be! Sneaky little guys! That's amazing that you get those naps, go mama! I shouldn't complain because he is taking naps still, and does sleep through the night....but I'd love some long ones here and there! I can't believe your other kiddos stopped napping before two, AHHHHH! Hoping that doesn't happen to us too! :smile:

    @leeeahyo, yay! Glad to see another response! Your son sounds just like ours too, has always been on the go, and too busy to slow down for anything.  Congrats on your naps too, that's amazing!! Our son has been a pretty good night sleeper, but naps were always another issue.  ;)  I love all the new chatting, it's the cutest...he keeps trying to say "octopus" and "peacock" from some of his books...makes me laugh every time because he adds in all these extra letters when trying to say it.
  • Isaac is super busy and completely insane.  He runs around like crazy, jumps, rides etc. He is tons of fun and plays really well with our 3 year old as well.  Our schedule is wake: 7am, Nap 12-2 and bed at 7:30 which he sort of just fell into. He is just a wild man most days but he is awesome independent player and loves playing with his trains and cars. He doesn't talk a ton but neither did my oldest at his age mostly he just runs around the house saying tika tika tika tika! His favorite things to do are dance and jump on the trampoline :) It's so weird to check in here because he seems like such a big boy now. 
  • Hi! Baby girl is 19 months and also non stop on the go!! It's so crazy having someone running around now and telling me what kinds of foods she wants, what happened to the little babies? Naps are still a crap shoot, she takes one that's 20mins to maybe an hour if I'm lucky. Still occasionally waking up in the middle of the night too :(. She's a lover of bubbles, babies, dogs, blueberries, cats, and bubble guppies. I'm due with #2 in Nov so it'll be exciting to see her in the role of big sister soon
  • Crazy. She is growing so fast! Everyday she learns something new! It os so awesome seeing her grow into her own little self. Nof a fan of the meltdowns all the time, but it's all part of being the mom of a toddler! #2 is due in October, so that should be fun! What were we thinking lolol!
  • I have been trying to get into this FB group forever. Im convinced it doesnt exist or it is super secret lol
  • @kkerner87, I cannot find the FB group either!
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