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 "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin

Re: FFFC 4.7

  • It's called priorities @ChristinaWild. :)

    I guarantee they have @BeachMommy2B.
  • @BabyMC517  - I can't count how many times I've done that! Is it a pregnancy brain thing?!

    I just spent an hour meal planning for next week and doing an online grocery pickup order, all while ignoring my inbox and phone calls. Employee of the year right here!
    Mist be a pregnancy brain thing because I don't remember doing this before haha or at least not as often! Pretty sure this was one of my FFFCs last week! 

    Ditto to all of the work stuff! We've been slow all week so that could be why I've been doing other things but whatevs!

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • I have a pelvic exam at OB today and I haven't "groomed" from the knee up in a good 2 weeks .... hopwfully they've seen worse before  :D
    I had one today and attempted grooming on Wednesday. Holy crap, its SO hard when you literally cant see down there. I can stand in front of the mirror, but even then I can't really see. Anyways, I went sort of blindly and now I'm dealing with some fun irritation and ingrowns, ughhhh. Getting waxed before the big day.
  • Ugh after asking if yall still were the other day, i tried and i will not be doing that again til post baby. It was horrible. I got it done, but was so irirritated down there for days! Absolutely not worth it. Surely theyve seen worse since many people cant reach!
  • @babymc517. I realized one day last week that my underwear was inside out and I didn't bother changing it bc it seemed like too much work. 
  • I'm taking advantage of my doctor's appointments. They are technically scheduled first of the morning (before my work day starts), but I always go home afterwards or run an errand or two before heading to work.  Woohoo bc weekly appointments start next week!
  • clebl24 said:
    @babymc517. I realized one day last week that my underwear was inside out and I didn't bother changing it bc it seemed like too much work. 
    Last week it was far too late to change...this time I attempted in the stall of the bathroom at work haha not the easiest, but I got it done. I felt it was early enough that it was okay to switch back.

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • Regarding grooming, I did as much as I could the other day and then had MH come in and check. FFFC? 
  • emilyalsoemilyalso
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    I just bought a 2-pack of NWOT C-panties on eBay. I know potentially used underpants is pretty near the top of the list of NOWAYS, but those things aren't cheap! And I plan to significantly disinfect them. 

    ETA: I set a compact mirror on the back of the toilet to guide me as I used my small clippers to groom. I guess it's better than nothing (and by nothing I mean UNTAMED JUNGLE LAND!). 
  • @pshaortao that made me actually lol
  • @clebl24 - I always take advantage of my morning appointments before work too! One little stop at CVS or the supermarket is much easier in the morning than after work ;)

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  • emilyalso said:
    @cato99 - I literally practiced on our dog. 

    Omg I'm dying bahaha 
  • My darn cold now has an added cough. The cough hurts my upper ab muscles. Anyone have any tricks to make it hurt less when I cough? 
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  • @emilyalso I can't stop laughing!
    @KMD1106 Trying hugging a pillow to your upper abs when you cough.
  • @bacorrea DYING!

    Your dog is a total trooper though you can tell from his face that he recognizes the profound indignity!
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  • @emilyalso Your dog looks so offended, I may or may not have pee'd a little laughing at those pictures
  • @emilyalso literally LOL... genius

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  • A day late I just remembered mine!

    I think I was in the group a week or so ago that ripped on elective scheduled cesareans before 40 weeks and then my doctor offered me one this past Monday. Whoops. 

    I havent scheduled yet but he wants me to consider having one on the books for 39w just in case. I'm an iffy VBAC candidate and with the move so close to my due date he suggested it may be better to give me more time to heal before all of that. 

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  • @WombThereItIs that's normal though isn't it? My mom had to have schedule csections with the rest of my siblings and they were always scheduled at 39 weeks because the doctor didn't want her going into labor. I thought csections were always scheduled at 39 weeks. 
  • @WombThereItIs Since you have a PCS so soon after I think I'd be doing the same thing! Especially because your leaning towards a Csection and want plenty of time to heal before the madness comes! 
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  • @emilyalso That's hilarious!!! And what a good dog to tolerate all that--my parents' little dogs would flip their sh!t.

    My FFFC (now FFSC I guess) is related to @achays11 asking her husband to check her grooming...I went a step further and let my husband do mine for me! :# I wanted it done and lord knows I wasn't going to do it myself. He had been offering for weeks but I was mortified...until I finally gave in. He actually did a really good job!
  • @bacorrea I don't know, we had never talked about scheduling one until the PCS date got bumped up. My doc is fine with me going into labor, he is just a bit skeptical since we are all expecting gestational hypertension again. 

    @hp_momma it's going to be so tight I had to remind my husband not to do his final sign out until I  can have my 6w checkup if at all possible. Fun times! 

    May '17 labor memes
  • FFSC - I picked up a second Target registry bag today.
    I'm so tempted to do that too!! 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
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