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Pregnancy insomnia?

I kick myself in the butt because I forgot to take my sleeping pills last night.  It's been a lifesaver all throughout my pregnancy otherwise I would never get any sleep.  

Anyone else dealing with this pregnancy ailment?  It's just another reason why I can't wait to have baby!!!!  the insomnia just magically goes away....ahhhhh....zzzzzssss...

Re: Pregnancy insomnia?

  • 1:38am over here! I'm with you!
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  • Lol.. I woke up around 1 am and realized after 10-15 mins that I forgot to take my sleeping pill.  It's now 5:02 and I'm still awake!  Where are you located? 
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  • Seriously?  That's wasn't necessary....if you don't like the topic just keep it moving...
  • I signed up months ago, but I don't live on this app... so sorry for not wanting to scroll through endless posts just to see if the topic I want to talk about has already been discussed.  This forum really is kinda lame anyway, so you don't have to worry about me putting up anymore redundant posts...  I'm getting ready to have my baby soon and don't require the artificial support of catty ass pregnant women who think they own this forum.  at any rate, wishing you all a healthy rest of your pregnancy...  ciao! 
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