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Nursing and whole milk

For those of you who are still nursing, do you give whole milk also? How many times a day does LO nurse at this point, and how many ounces of cow's milk do you give? Just out of curiosity what others are doing!

David nurses 4-5x per day still and I give him cow's milk two or three times/day as well. Normally about 4 oz at a time. 

Re: Nursing and whole milk

  • I'm still nursing at wake up and bedtime, but I think it's more for comfort than nutrition at this point.  He gets while milk at his meals and snacks, but I'm not sure how much.  We use dippy cups, so it's hard to measure.  Probably 2-3 oz at a time
  • Over the past week or two we have gone from three to one feeding (at bedtime. Though I nursed her for her nap today because it's the only way she was going to take a nap today.) And I've consistently offered her 3 bottles of whole milk a day since I started weaning, but she usually will only drink 1. 2 if we're lucky. She is one picky eater though. 
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  • We are still sat 4ish nursing sessions a day (and night). He doesn't get milk because of a milk protein allergy, but we do offer plenty of water during the day. He probably drinks 2 sippy cups per day. To combat the milk allergy we use calcium fortified coconut milk (he loves it in oatmeal with bananas, it smells like it came right out of the Caribbean), and plenty of calcium rich foods (Yay leafy greens!) in purée form because veggies are a very hard sell.
  • We only nurse 2x a day and have never given him cows milk. DH and I rarely drink it so we don't see the point in giving it to DS. He eats a TONNE and drinks a lot of water, and our doc has never once suggested otherwise. 
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  • I am still nursing 3-4x per day and have yet to give cows milk. When I asked our doctor about starting cows milk at her one year appt, the doc said that she is getting all the milk and additional calories she needs from breast milk, so there is no need to introduce whole milk. She drink water with meals and throughout the day and is 95th percentile for weight, so clearly not wasting away.
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    Samuel still nurses twice a day (morning and bedtime) but also gets whole milk. I don't give him any specific amount usually just with meals and let him drink what he wants and then water throughout the day! 
  • I nurse about 6+ times a day and once in the middle of the night. I nurse on demand so it's hard to say. He just last week slept through the night. Some days more some less. I give whole milk in a cup with breakfast and lunch. He probably only drinks 3-4 oz. Half time he wants water instead. Sometimes he drinks too when I give my 5 year old milk before bed. I don't really measure. He has an enormous appetite. Some days he out eats his older sister! Though he's only in the 25th percentile for weight! I give milk mostly because he wants exactly what she's drinking/eating. I didn't give my oldest milk until she was about 2. But, her appetite is any where near as ferocious as his. Their nursing patterns are the same when I compare them at the same age though.
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