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HDBD 4/5/17

Happy April! I can't believe our babies are 15 months old this month! What?! 
Mary has started repeating after everything we say this week...ultra adorable!  <3

Re: HDBD 4/5/17

  • It's hard to narrow it down this week. Birdie got a haircut, and her personality has exploded. I find that I get a lot of high chair pics because she has to be in one place for 30 seconds. She's got just a few words, but understands just about everything we say. Her big thing is "Whassat?" and "Whoosat?" for "what's that" and "who's that?" And we are all. about. this. lamb. that Grandma got. She rides it, too!
  • Freya is in love with bubbles and is trying to figure how to do it herself but isn't too successful lol. Also our friend knit her this scarf and it's  the cutest thing ever.
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  • Brynlee got so big overnight... I absolutely cannot buy her clothes smaller than 2T! She talks more than any toddler I've ever seen. She doesn't just repeat words, she brings things to us, identifying them! 

    Her favorite word right now is "giraffe." We've spent far too much time watching April the very pregnant giraffe online, so we went to our local zoo to see "real" ones. Her eyes were huge! After getting her a stuffed giraffe, she hugged it, kissed it, and kept repeating "loooove gee-raffe! Cuuuute gee-raffe!" 
  • We think aurora is going to be a huge shopper. We always get a cart and she pushes it around but this time they were out of carts so she had to carry a basket around. Didn't help me any but was super cute. 


  • Man I love this stage! We can go places and do things and David just gets so much joy and fun out of everything! Love this boy so much. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    Yay! It was finally nice enough to get some outdoor time!
  • Evelyn is the sweetest happiest thing I've ever known! I'm slowly mastering the pigtails. The second picture, she is covered in quinoa and thought it was hilarious. And we have this awesome swing set in our back yard that we love to play on. 

  • We were our of town so took little guy to the aquarium before we went to a Neil Diamond concert. He loved it all except the snakes. 
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