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Having a girl, and ear piercing?

is anyone else thinking about piercing their baby girls ears?  I want to but not sure when... 

Re: Having a girl, and ear piercing?

  • If I had a girl, I would think about doing it early. I can't say for sure when though. Maybe a year?
    I have seen a flier up at my Doctors office about them having trained nurses that do it there in the office with a different type of earing to prevent infections but I think they only do it for babies 6 mo and up.
    It may be something you can ask or see if it's available in your area or doctors office :)
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    I'm going to wait with my LO but I have lots of family that has done it.  Agreed to check with your doctor's office

    ETA: I was 7 or so when I had mine done and it was my choice. I'm sure it hurt like hell but of course I don't remember it now! :D
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  • Hmm... for some reason I feel like doing it when she's tiny would be best, but then again not sure I want to put her thru that.   I'm really trying to figure it out.. anymore thoughts on this would be helpful.  :)
  • We are having a girl and have decided that once we feel like she is responsible enough to take care of cleaning them, we will let her get her ears pierced.  Probably as a birthday present or something and of course her daddy will be the one to buy her first pair of diamond earrings....especially since it will be her birthstone lol
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    Same as @Taylor72 - I think we'll let her decide if she wants pierced ears.  I really believe if kids are too scared to do it then they aren't ready to have them. 
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  • I'm torn. I know if you do it early the piercings stay open much easier, but I don't know when I'd make that decision for my daughter. Whenever you do it, do not go to some place at the mall (Claire's, Piercing Pagoda). Either a doctors office or a well-regarded and professional tattoo parlor is your best bet. 
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  • I'm beginning to lean towards letting my girl decide if and when she wants it done. Although I think it would be easier when she's little, I don't really want to put her thru unnecessary pain.  
  • Thanks ladies. Although my ears have been pierced since I was a baby, I think I'm going to let my girl decide when and if she wants to get hers done, and I will happily take her.  I would feel bad about deciding for her and then she goes thru the pain from the healing process, since I've heard that sometimes the earring will snag and stuff.  I wouldn't want her to experience such discomfort. 
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