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Early Blood test results

I have an appointment with a new OB/GYN on Wednesday.  I'm in the 2 week wait right now, but wondering if there is a blood test they do at the doctor that would be able to identify a pregnancy before an at home test would show anything?  I will be 9 DPO on Wednesday and that seems a little premature to get test results like that.  Not sure you ladies know something different than I do so I thought I'd ask.

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Re: Early Blood test results

  • I'm not sure if it would notice it any quicker than an HPT - They basically do a blood draw to measure the HCG in your system.  9DPO seems really early to me.  At one point I was told you had to have an HCG of 8 for it to register a positive test.  Due to some researching yesterday looks like HCG doesn't show up into your system until about 5 days after implantation which doesn't make sense to me because I was getting positive pregnancy tests and increasing betas with my CP that hadn't implanted.
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  • @brigidjerrell Hi, from 10DPO a FRER (first response test) should be able to start picking up a positive at home, but I'd recommend testing with a FRER at 12DPO to be sure. 
    @vlagrl29 If you have hcg above 5 then the embryo did implant, but if it's a CP then it stopped growing and detached. That's because hcg is produced by the cells of the placenta that grow in the walls of the uterus. 
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  • That makes much more sense @liljoy it still makes me sad to think about. Also my numbers are so slow to rise. Both pregnancies I've had doesn't turn an hpt until 4 weeks!
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  • I don't think any office would do a blood test at 9dpo, since it can take up to 12 days for implantation. The minimum is usually 14dpo and then you would need a second draw 2 days later. Getting one draw doesn't tell you much, what matters is that the numbers double. 
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  • Thanks for the responses. She didn't end up doing a blood draw for a test.  It didn't even come up in the appointment.  She did draw for a thyroid level and those results came back normal.  So I'm very impatiently waiting to test this month. I'm trying to wait until Sunday to test. We'll see if I make it this month. 

    EDD 6/18/18
    DD=10/5/10 DS=4/9/13
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