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Do you really ever feel done....or will I always want one more???

Is anyone else starting to think about growing their family, but their hubby may not be on the same page?  Well, this is where I am right now. I would love one more baby, but my husband says three was already a compromise. I am one of 5 and always imagined myself the mom of a big family.  While I feel blessed to be the mom to three happy and health kids (ages DS 5, DD1 3, DD2 1), I can't seem to let go of wanting number 4.  I am not sure if it's just that for the past 5 years I've been pregnant every other summer and this summer would be a pregnant summer again if we were going for 4 with the same spacing as before.  I am not sure what I am asking but just wanted to see if anyone else was going through some similar emotions and how you are dealing with it and if anyone ever really feels done? 

Re: Do you really ever feel done....or will I always want one more???

  • My a16 baby was #4 and I'm the same way as you. I'm pretty sure I'll always want another. DH is worried about being able to give each kid the one-on-one attention they need, so he's leaning toward being done. However, lately he's been making new baby comments, so I have a feeling we'll be adding #5 sometime down the road. I need a long enough break from the pregnancy/newborn phase to get DD1's homeschooling going in the right direction come fall. Also, I feel very much called to be a foster parent, so that might be enough to quell the just-one-more feeling, but probably not until we have one more.
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  • I'm at the point to where I NEED another one. We have one daughter (4) and 1 son (1). While I was pregnant with my a16 baby, I was totally content with the idea of 2 kids. It felt complete. But as soon as Thomas was placed on my chest I had a feeling we'd be doing this again. I couldn't shake it even through the really rough months of a baby with colic. My husband is really leaning towards being done, but I can't get there. 
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  • I've had baby fever since DS was two months old. Good thing we have another arriving two months from now! I can't really imagining being done after this baby, either. Keep 'em coming.
  • I think my SO would love another baby, but I'm still leaning towards one and done at this point. Still dealing with some birth related trauma, and LO is more than a handful at this point!
  • This is a constant source of mini-debate between DH and I. We won't really talk seriously about it until after DD1 (4) starts kindergarten though. We have a lot of big changes on the horizon (new jobs, moving) and baby #3 can wait.
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  • Omg we were just talking about this earlier!! I'm ready to start trying in november. But my hubby keeps saying he doesn't know. He was the one who decided we needed another one and convinced me lol. It's so hard to choose when's the right time to start trying and forums do not help. Our oldest are both girls 9 and 6 and are close but sometimes feels like they aren't close enough.. our LO is 1(boy) now and 5 years is definitely too far apart, but I want to enjoy our LOL as much as possible 
  • I'm old.  We're done. 😂
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