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LO refusing breasts

I'm not sure if it's only me but my little one is only 14 weeks and is refusing to be breastfed. I struggled with breast feeding initially so she was always on formula. But she has always been breast fed and has expressed milk as well. But now everytime I try to breast feed her she cries and pushes away and it is soul crushing. I don't know what to do. She still drinks the breast milk, just feom the bottle though. Can I change this? Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: LO refusing breasts

  • Hmmm...I did in the early days, but it was because her latch was terrible and she wasn't getting enough to eat. Maybe because she is used to bottles, she likes a faster flow. Have you tried hand expressing to get your let down going first, so when she latches she gets a lot of milk fast? Just an idea...good luck mama and keep trying! Maybe consider seeing a lactation consultant too. 
  • Thanks for the suggestion. We jnfortunately don't have lactation consultants where I live. As an update she will take the breast but I think it's only for comfort not food because she still will want the bottle. But I'm trying and expressing milk everyday just in case.
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