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Rainbow Baby check-in: Spring Edition

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I know we're all checking in on the other threads, but I thought it might be nice to have a check-in for just us ladies with rainbow babies.

Give us an update and as a bonus GTKY: What's your favorite flower?  
(I'm sure this was asked during pregnancy, but who remembers that? So I'm asking again. :) )

Re: Rainbow Baby check-in: Spring Edition

  • B is 4 months and 1 week. A tiny little thing at about 12.5 lbs (he was 7 lb 15oz at birth but has been growing slowly) but seems to be happy and hitting milestones. I've been back st the office 4 weeks so I have 4 more weeks of getting to work a slightly reduced schedule before I have to start staying later again. 

    Fav flower: gerber daisies definitely 
  • My LO is a lot like @kvruns

    She was 7lbs 2oz at birth and is continuing to be in the lower percentiles despite being EFF. She is 4 months and almost 2 weeks now. At 4 months she was 12lbs 1oz and 24" long. We have her 4 month check up and shots on Monday. She is such a happy baby and is super easy to take places as she doesn't fuss much.

    I love Lillys
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  • James is almost 19 weeks. He's a chunker and in the 94th% for height and weight. We just today had a successful transition to bottle. He's had 4 bottles today and I e been pumping in place of nursing. I may just nurse at night and do bottles during the day from here on out. I go back to work 4/24.

    Favorite flower is lavender
  • Haven't participated in this since I first got pregnant, so I hope it's ok that I do now...

    Alana is 5 months tomorrow. She is my velcro baby, only happy when being held. I love the snuggles (almost all of the time lol). She is rolling all over and breastfeeding like a champ now despite some early struggles. She also loves to scream like she's riding a roller coaster whenever she's awake lol.

    Sunflowers are my favorite.
  • Another small baby here. E was 12 lbs even at her 4 month appt. Now at 5 months she's 14 lbs by my home scale. She was born 6lbs 2oz and it took her three weeks to get back up to birth weight after leaving the hospital. She is a fairly happy baby, currently in love with her feet - she's so close to getting one in her mouth!

    Tiger lilies are my favorite, but I'm also very fond of lavender. 
  • Velcro baby Lol @mrsmoose5
  • I've never participated but I always read these... I think I get too sentimental about the loss before this LO sometimes. 

    Henry was born at 9lbs and has just passed 20 at 18 weeks (today). We measured him yesterday and he is the same size our DD was on her first birthday. So it's safe to say he's huge. His motor skills have been pretty impressive lately too, but I'm biased, of course. I cheated at bedtime tonight and snuggled for an extra half hour. Being at work this week has made me feel so far away from him. 

    I love white orchids, but have a knack for killing them. It never works out...
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  • V is 22 weeks and 3 days. He is such an amazing little man. He's rolling around like crazy and he's so close to crawling. We've been having some sleep troubles as of late but I'll take the awful sleep due to him being fussy over awful sleep because of depression any day. He adores his big brothers (my SSs) and loves his grandpa(FIL). It's so cute to see his face light up for certain people. He also "talks" to himself in the mirror. I still have times where I doubt reality and wonder if I'm gonna wake up from a dream but those moments are scarce and getting more rare as time goes by.

    Tiger lilies and lilacs are my favorite but I also like Gerbera daisies.
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