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Okc- Mercy Midwives closed by Mercy?

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I was informed at my appointment  today with the Mercy Midwives that Mercy health is shutting them down.  This is awful because they provide great care,  and have been very popular during their 1 year stay with Mercy.  Does anyone here know why Mercy shut them down?  I'm sure it must be political...driven by money. Terrible...

Re: Okc- Mercy Midwives closed by Mercy?

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    I'm not very familiar with OKC midwives or OBGYN, I go to OU medical. That's really terrible that they are stopping a service that is so well liked. Are the midwives staying in town? You might be able to transfer to where they are going just to keep seeing them.
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    Do you happen to know where the midwives are now? I've been searching online, but I can't find any information. I was looking forward to scheduling my first appointment with them.
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