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Is this even possible?

Good morning everyone. I may be overly hopeful, maybe completely out of my mind but am hoping someone has had some experience and can offer some wisdom.

My husband and I experienced an early loss (5.4 weeks) on Saturday, March 4. I had bloodwork done at the hospital that came back as a very low HCG level (70) then again on that Wednesday and was back to 0. My doctor said to go ahead and try again as soon as we were ready. Having absolutely no idea when I would ovulate (and not quite being "ready" to begin track temps) we just BD every few days for about 2 weeks starting ehhh about the 12th. My calendar predicted ovulation around the 20, but honestly I felt crampy around St. Patrick's day. Fast forward to the last 4 days, I'm having crazy vivid dreams, a lot of CM (sorry!), bloated and pings of nausea. With the last pregnancy I thought I was completely out of my mind. I swore to my husband I was pregnant 7 days after I ovulated. I was super nauseous, crazy dreams and a few other very very early symptoms. After I got the first BFP I felt completely validated but obviously the loss has made me gun shy on testing before I miss a period.

Which leads me to my question. After what seems to have been a chemical pregnancy, when did you expect your period? Within 4 days my levels were 0 so I assume I would be about 4 weeks from the start of bleeding? I don't want to begin testing too early just in case another chemical happens again. But these symptoms are so similar to last month. Anyone just completely miss a period and conceive immediately after a very early loss? I'm so sorry to be long winded. This is my first post, I'm an anxious, nervous wreck as I write this. Right on the line of hopeful but afraid of being heartbroken again. Thank you all in advance. Much love to you! ❤

Re: Is this even possible?

  • I started day 1 of bleeding with my CP early Jan. - my next AF came as scheduled early Feb.  My CP was about 5 weeks.  I know everyone is different but count on yours coming when it should according to the first day of bleeding not when it gets to zero.  GL - I was too sad to want to TTC that first month of my CP.
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  • Thank you so much for your helpful reply! I appreciate it ❤️
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  • **TW loss mentioned**
    @Sarahjedwards86 It is definitely possible. I had a MC on 1/9/17. I had thought I was 7 weeks and a few days but baby stopped growing at 6+1. DH and I literally only BD once after the MC and I got a bfp 2/12/17. So I never got a period, and was totally in shock. 
    If you do end up getting a bfp, go to your doc and get your betas and progesterone tested immediately! My progesterone ended up being low (which they believe was a contributong factor in the MC) and was put on supplements.
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    With my first loss in August, I was waiting for AF to show up but it never did as I ended up being pregnant again after the first loss. However, sadly that to ended in a loss in a form of a MMC in January
  • @flowerintherain thank you so much for your story as well as the very helpful tip. I will certainly pursue that course of action if it happens again. Thank you so much.

    @MimoCa I am so terribly sorry for your losses. I appreciate you sharing your story with me. It means a lot. Thank you ❤️

    Thank you all again for sharing your experience with me and for your help: I truly appreciate it! 
  • My cycles returned pretty much to normal after all 3 of my CPs.... you can get PG on the next cycle, but keep in mind that sometimes your body is still wonky and you may just be experiencing harsher than normal PMS.  It's always a crap-shoot as to whether your symptoms will be same or different after a MC.
  • I had a chemical at 4.5 weeks on March 15. I ovulated on or about March 29 based on CM and opk. I'm currently in the TWW. Good luck to you!
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    @dpjennifer I'm so sorry for your losses. It's awful that you've gone through that. I appreciate your insight and definitely feel comforted knowing that exaggerated PMS is completely normal. This is my first loss, and I'm a total newbie. Thank all of you for being helpful and supportive.

    @PhillymommaX2 I'm sorry for your loss
  • @PhillymommaX2 So much good luck to you! I hope this TWW goes by super fast and has a very, very happy outcome for you. Thank you for your response. I can't wait to hear how it turns out ❤
  • @Sarahjedwards86 thank you.  Yeah, after my first MC (D&C 8.5 weeks in) I felt cramps a few weeks into my cycle... first time ever for ovulation pain and symptoms!  So you just never truly know what's 'changed' since the last MC.

    And I'd kill for a very low HCG level of 70... :(  I've never seen one above 38.
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